Creative Strategy

Sometimes good graphic design is not enough standing on it’s own and you will need to build a story around it. When your product needs to earn popularity and your company needs to be recognised among the competitors you need a strong strategy for your visuals and branding assets.


If you start a new business or you just think you visuals are not sending strong message to your audience you will probably need a creative strategy. That could mean creating a Brand Identity from scratch, re-branding or just refreshing or expanding on the existing visual assets that you have.


We offer you to create your Brand Identity including, designing a logo, designing website pages, creating your business literature and business collateral, introduce you in social media and create a clear business image at front of your clients.

If you already have presented yourself in a way but it seems that it is not working We can offer you revision of the current situation and re-direct your visual strategy for a winning position.

Key Creative Strategy Services

Creating Visual Brand/ Corporate Identity and a style guide for how to use it

Executing Visual Marketing Campaigns

Positioning your brand on the market

Style the overall tone of vocabulary for your brand presence

Revising brand visual assets and advising on the revamping of the existing style.

Considering the corporate copy on the web to be SEO friendly

Attracting your target audience with professionally executed visuals and vocabulary

Marinova offers a visual marketing strategy for your business. That includes, Branding, Graphic Design, Content Management, Social Media Strategy, Advertising Marketing Campaigns etc... Read more.

Key Services

Brand Identity

Graphic Design

Creative Strategy

Visual Campaigns

Content Management


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