Content Management

Once you have your Brand identity assets and everything is up and running you will need to maintain that popularity and build a long lasting relationships with your customer. We can offer you content management schemes where we will take care of the visual content of your website while you are concentrating on your other business plans.


We can offer you regular updates for your online and offline content. This means update of web banners, product pictures, marketing campaigns, update and formatting text, sustaining your social media banners and content, sustaining your blog graphics and content, formatting corporate literature and everything else connected to the visual appearance of your business.

Key Content Management Services

Creating, refreshing and styling your website banners

Creating, writing copy and maintaining social media platforms

Creating, writing copy and maintaining blog posts for seo purposes

Updating Product Catalogues, text and visuals

Marinova offers a visual marketing strategy for your business. That includes, Branding, Graphic Design, Content Management, Social Media Strategy, Advertising Marketing Campaigns etc... Read more.

Key Services

Brand Identity

Graphic Design

Creative Strategy

Visual Campaigns

Content Management


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